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Are you looking for beautiful and quality window treatments in San Jose, CA? At Morgan White Interior Window Coverings, the services we offer make the process easy. From expert design advice to quality maintenance and repairs, we’ll care for your treatments in every detail.

We take time to listen to your needs so we can suggest the best solutions for your home. Whether you need room-darkening or sheer shades, we’ll keep you covered.

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Our Services

San Jose Window Treatment Services

When you need window treatments, we provide service for the entire life of your drapes with the following services.


Your home is your sanctuary, so you shouldn’t just settle for any of the same drapes your neighbors have. We provide access to a qualified designer who can perfectly match your window treatments with the rest of your home. They’ll help you consider the following factors:

  • The type of window treatments, including shutters, shades, drapes
  • The materials we use
  • Colors and patterns
  • Accessories that can add convenience to your life, like motorization or smart integration

Installing your window treatments requires precise measurements to avoid long-term complications with your windows. Our experts take meticulous measurements so you’ll never worry about damage to your home trying to make them fit. Every expert maintains the proper licensing, insurance, and bonding, so you never pay if things go wrong.


When you need window treatments in San Jose, CA, you can’t underestimate the value of quality installation. We have equal experience outfitting residential homes and commercial buildings and provide a warranty for every product, treating your property as our own with minimal disruption to your day.

When your window treatments become damaged, we can provide quality repairs. From shutters hanging off-kilter to fraying drapes, we work diligently to find a solution.

Our Products

We offer the following window treatments for residents of San Jose, CA, and the surrounding areas.


Shutters are one of the most classic and iconic window treatments and impart an air of luxury to any home. They provide superior insulation and light control and, when fitted correctly, can block out nearly 100% of the light. We even offer hingeless shingles, which are lighter and easier to clean. 


Blinds allow a nuanced level of light control since you can deploy and detract them and angle the slats. Modern blinds boast superior durability and style over traditional vinyl counterparts. From bamboo to faux wood, choosing blinds doesn’t mean you must sacrifice quality or style.


Shades are a mid-range investment offering moderate light control, as you can open them fully or partially or leave them completely deployed. Depending on the type you choose, they may block out a significant amount of light. However, because they don’t sit tight against the window, they don’t block out as much light as shutters.


Drapes can function as a standalone window treatment or perfectly complement your blinds, shades, or shutters. They offer additional control over the light entering your home and have the widest variety of customization options.

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